Cleaning the air duct systems in our homes and businesses is a relatively new process in the ?last 20 years or so.? Since becoming aware of “the sick building” syndrome of the 80’s, people have become more aware that there?could be ?something in our air that could be making us sick.? Since the majority of our homes use forced air to heat and cool our homes there can be a variety of reasons the air being forced around is “dirty”.? Contamination of the system can start as early as day one.? Typically, the duct system is the first item installed and hooked up when a home is built.? This is necessary in the steps of fabrication of a home.? Consequently the system is running to either heat or cool the interior of the home during the final finishing steps.? So all of the dust from sanding, cutting or painting is drawn into the duct system.? That debris stays in there forever until cleaned out.? The other contaminates in a system get there from living in the home.? Atmospheric conditions contribute, pets, and later remodeling projects.? All of these factor into what gets into the air system of a home. ???Even though there are filters in the furnace, they only can stop a portion of the “things” in the air being circulated in the home.? Some of the items in the duct lines themselves continue to be blown out into the home for us to either breath or continually dust off the furniture.? Appearance of? cleanliness, health reasons ie. asthma, hay fever, dry eyes & noise, can be a few of the reasons WHY?we clean our air duct systems.