It ‘s that time to think about spring cleaning.? The winters in Colorado can be either snowy, wet and muddy or dry and dusty.? We’ve had a little of both this year.? Pets or kids can drag in mud, dry?grass or whatever else they find outside.? Weather you need to clean up those carpets, area rugs or the?air duct system to get rid of the winter and welcome Spring , we can provide the cleaning?you need.? The myth that cleaning your carpets is bad for them is just that, a myth!? All the major carpet manufactures recommend that in order to maintain their warranty on the carpet, the carpet must be cleaned AT LEAST once a year by a professional carpet cleaning company. Many consumers find in order to maintain the life and appearance of their carpet, cleaning MORE than once a year is necessary. ??The recommended method by these manufactures is HOT WATER EXTRACTION process.? Pro Care Services uses only the?finest products on the market to clean your carpets and upholstery.? Our truck-mounted cleaning equipment? is considered the Cadillac in the industry.? Only the best equipment can deliver the outstanding results you deserve!