Weather you have a new puppy or an older pet that is having control problems, we all have those “accidents” in e home.? For the most part these urine spots can be cleaned up fairly successfully.? Obviously the sooner you can get to a spot the better the results will be, but even if?the spot is?dry the results can be good.

You will need some clean, white absorbent rags(towels) and a pitcher of warm(not HOT) clear water.? Depending on the size of the animal and the amount of urine in carpet, pour the warm water directly on the urine spot.??You want to put on enough water to flood the area through the carpet and?into the padding.? Place the towels over this area, folded a?couple of times and stand on this spot to draw the water/urine out of pad up through carpet, into towel.? Repeat as many times as necessary to flush out all of urine.? The urine will be noticeable on towel as yellow spot?and when it is all out, the spot on towel will be clear.???If you find?a spot that has dried, the same process will be effective, but may need more water to get the urine salts dissolved and back to a liquid state.