This is probably one of the most asked questions involved in carpet cleaning; how long will it take for my carpets to dry?? The time can vary as much as how may types of carpet there are.? The most important factor in any situation is how much moisture is left behind when cleaned.? This is determined?by the type and power of the extractor used.??A truck mounted cleaning unit typically will have much?more power than a portable cleaning unit.? Truck mounted units generate high cubic feet per minute(CFM) of airflow which is what pulls the moisture off the carpet fibers.? The type of construction and?composition of the fiber is the next determining factor.? A close weave Berber carpet will take longer to dry because the construction inhibits good air flow through and around the fibers for?optimum drying.? A cut loop or plush carpet will dry faster because air flow through the fibers?is increased.? The denser the carpet, the less air flow, longer dry time.?

Ambient conditions also contributes to?dry time.? Water evaporates faster?at a higher temperature.? Also lower ambient humidity contributes?to quicker?drying as the moisture is adsorbed into the air at a higher rate of evaporation.? Air flow through and over the carpet speeds all of these processes up exponentially.? So, as all of these conditions can vary from home to home, there can not be any one set answer to “how long will it take”.? Pro Care Services has the ability to control how much moisture is removed initially by using the best equipment on the market and then try to create the most favorable conditions in the home to speed up the drying process.? Sine we can remove 90-95% of the cleaning moisture used, we can say an average dry time is 4-6 hours.? Shorter time if all the other conditions are optimized.