Durability is a very subjective measurement.  The answer to that has as many answers as there are homes to be installed in.  Every home has different exposures to wear, soiling and care.  Carpet manufactures actually do perform “walk test” on carpets they make.  A carpet sample is subjected to 20,000 steps in a test area and then compared with a new carpet sample to examine for shedding, matting, crushing and overall appearance. After these things are measured according to industry standards, a rating is assigned.  The rating scale is from 1 to 5, 5 being perfect.  As you might imagine, no carpet has yet to receive a 5. No carpet after 20,000 steps will look like a piece not walked on at all.  Carpets that are rated 2.5 and above should provide normal durability, when carpets rated at 4.5 or higher,they can have tanks driven across them.  ProCare of Denver can help your carpets looking new!  -call us today at 303-922-4646 and check out our website at www.procareofdenver.com