very common problem in homes today is dripping? candle wax on carpet, area rugs or furniture.? Normally there is a relative ?safe and easy?solution ?to this problem.? First, you must determine your level of confidence in tackling the problem.??The amount of wax and how deep it is embedded in the fiber will be one? the determining factors of how far you are willing to go with the remedy.?If there is a light amount of wax just on the tips of the fibers, the remedy is simple.? You will need a medium weight cotton towel and steam iron.? Place the white towel over wax and?set iron on medium setting.? Place iron on towel over wax spot and allow just enough time for wax to melt and be absorbed into towel.? Continue to check for removal and reposition towel to clean spot over wax until all has been melted and absorbed into towel.? If there is a larger mount of wax deeply embedded into the fibers, the process can be a little more involved.? As always, if unsure, call the Professionals