1. Buying Carpet

    Carpet buying is tough.? Take the materials used to?make carpet: nylon, polyester, olefin and wool.? All are great fibers.? Each has distinctive positive qualities.? However, these fabrics can be made into carpet that performs poorly.? It can depend upon how the material is used to make the carpet and where the carpet will be used.? adobe photoshop cs6 download To make an intelligent decision when…Read More

  2. Pet Accident/Urine Clean up

    Weather you have a new puppy or an older pet that is having control problems, we all have those "accidents" in e home.? For the most part these urine spots can be cleaned up fairly successfully.? Obviously the sooner you can get to a spot the better the results will be, but even if?the spot is?dry the results can be good. You will need some clean, white absorbent rags(towels) and a pitcher of warm…Read More

  3. Why do I need to restretch my carpet?

    Have you found that over time there are some areas of your carpet that have waves, ripples or?wrinkles in it?? These areas are normally found?in a walkway or pivot point in a walkway.? This is caused by the carpet?backing starting to lose its resiliency and is not as tight?as it was when first installed.?? If a carpet is not "power stretched" in at install,?this happens quite regularly.? Unfortuna…Read More

  4. Why is Air Duct Cleaning important?

    Cleaning the air duct systems in our homes and businesses is a relatively new process in the ?last 20 years or so.? Since becoming aware of "the sick building" syndrome of the 80's, people have become more aware that there?could be ?something in our air that could be making us sick.? Since the majority of our homes use forced air to heat and cool our homes there can be a variety of reasons the air…Read More

  5. Dry time for carpets

    This is probably one of the most asked questions involved in carpet cleaning; how long will it take for my carpets to dry?? The time can vary as much as how may types of carpet there are.? The most important factor in any situation is how much moisture is left behind when cleaned.? This is determined?by the type and power of the extractor used.??A truck mounted cleaning unit typically will have mu…Read More

  6. Tile & Grout cleaning

    Hard surface flooring?in our homes and businesses have become more and more popular.? With the increase usage of this flooring comes more challenges of how to maintain the?appearance and durability of this floor.? The traditional mop and bucket is the typical day to day accepted method of cleaning.? This process really just moves the dirt off the surface and gives a short lived?appearance of clean…Read More

  7. Candle wax removal

    writing a reflective essay very common problem in homes today is dripping? candle wax on carpet, area rugs or furniture.? Normally there is a relative ?safe and easy?solution ?to this problem.? First, you must determine your level of confidence in tackling the problem.??The amount of wax and how deep it is embedded in the fiber will be one? the determining factors of how far you are willing to go …Read More

  8. Spring cleaning

    It 's that time to think about spring cleaning.? The winters in Colorado can be either snowy, wet and muddy or dry and dusty.? We've had a little of both this year.? Pets or kids can drag in mud, dry?grass or whatever else they find outside.? Weather you need to clean up those carpets, area rugs or the?air duct system to get rid of the winter and welcome Spring , we can provide the cleaning?you ne…Read More