There are two methods on today’s market to clean an air duct system in a home. One is a “negative air” process which incorporates the use of one large 8-10″ diameter vacuum hose attached to the plenum of the furnace and then uses compressed air to push the dust and debris down the vent lines to this collection point.The other process involves brushing and vacuuming at the same time. Each vent cover is removed and the rotating brush on the end of the vacuum hose is run down each vent line all the way to the main supply line. This process insures that all the loose material as well as any dust adhering to the walls of the tin work is scraped off and vacuumed out to the truck. Pro Care Services uses this Roto-Brush cleaning process to provide the most efficient and effective cleaning possible to remove:


  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • Animal Dander
  • Dust Mites
  • Construction Debris

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Every cleaning includes cleaning the “main supply lines”(trunk lines), all supply vent lines, return air openings, furnace cleaning and sanitizing (as requested). 75% of the contaminates removed from a system are in the main “hot & cold” supply lines. Many companies don’t include these supply lines in their base price or don’t clean them at all. Pro Care’s base price includes everything to do the most thorough and effective cleaning available. Our pricing isn’t the cheapest, but we definitely are not the most expensive. Quality is not cheap.

Residential pricing:

Base price includes cleaning the furnace, trunk lines and up to 10 vent lines: $259

Each vent (opening) after the first 10 is $19 each.

When counting vents, be sure to include all discharge vents AND return air openings.

In a multi-furnace home, the base price applies to EACH furnace and up to 10 vents attached to that furnace.

* An average 1800 sq.ft. home will have approximately 15 total vents – $354 total cost! *


Call now and start to enjoy the benefits of a CLEANER, HEALTHIER home tomorrow!