Hard surface flooring?in our homes and businesses have become more and more popular.? With the increase usage of this flooring comes more challenges of how to maintain the?appearance and durability of this floor.? The traditional mop and bucket is the typical day to day accepted method of cleaning.? This process really just moves the dirt off the surface and gives a short lived?appearance of cleanliness.? This mopping as well as the occasional spill and walking on the surface pushes the soil and other contaminates into the grout that holds these stones in place.? The grout is what we typically see as the dirtiest part of the floor.? Pro Care Services has the most effective and longest lasting cleaning process to clean those tiles and grout lines.? We can, ?and highly recommend, seal those grout lines to extend that clean appearance.? ? Tile is on all kinds of surfaces from floors, counter tops, shower and tub enclosures.?? We can clean all of these applications.