Your fine area rugs need to be handled by experienced professionals. We regularly clean all types of cotton, wool, nylon and olefin rugs. We come to your home to thoroughly inspect, price and bring in your rugs to our plant for a complete cleaning.

First your rugs are thoroughly dusted by a powerful high-vacuum machine to remove all the dry particulates that have settled to the base of the fibers. This ensures a good deep down cleaning.

Next we pre-condition the rug with a level ph conditioner designed for all types of fibers used in fine rug construction. This process loosens the soils for a final extraction with a clear rinse. If your rug has odor problems, we soak the rug in a deodorization bath. This flushes out all the odor causing contaminates. It is then flushed with clear water and extracted.

All our rugs are hung to air dry and then a final inspection is completed to insure that there are no areas that need more attention. The rugs are then rolled and sealed in clear plastic to protect them in the final delivery back to your home.