dog01Your family pet can be your carpet’s worst enemy. Pro Care can help eliminate those accidents and all those stains and odors that go with them.

Let’s face it, accidents do happen even for the best of pets. Unless those accidents are addressed, further damage can occur to the carpet, padding and subfloor. We have the most thorough and effective process available to do this.

In some cases, a regular carpet cleaning and light application of our enzyme deodorizer is all that is needed. However, in more extreme cases, the urine has soaked through the carpet into the padding, even reaching the subfloor.

dog02In these cases, each level of severity has to be addressed to completely remove the source of the odor. If the spot can easily be identified, we have a tool that can pull the urine from the padding and carpet without removing the carpet.

pet odor controlIf the damage is more random, the carpet needs to be pulled up to identify exactly where the damage is by staining on the back of the carpet. Then the padding can be replaced, floor sealed and carpeting cleaned, deodorized and relayed. We have the expertise and knowledge base to perform all your cleaning and restoration needs.

Give Pro Care a call with your concerns and we can recommend the most effective solution to your problem.